Pop-up kayaking rentals at Potter’s Landing

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A partnership with Coalition for a Brighter Greene and Greene County Parks & Recreation; Venture Outdoors will be offering 1-hour pop-up kayaking rentals at Potter’s Landing in Greensboro, PA.   No previous kayaking experience needed – great for families and first-timers.  All kayaks will be tandem (2-person) boats, so register both participants through the checkout process.  Rentals will be for 1-hour.  When booking your ticket, be sure you are selecting tickets for the correct timeslot.  You can check out the actual event page here: https://www.ventureoutdoors.org/activity/pop-up-tandem-kayaking/.  They will have about 8 boats out on the water from 11-noon and again from noon-1, and have a leader boat on the water as well.  They will be bringing their kayak trailer to the launch site around 10AM on June 11 to set up and get ready.