The Minor Family Cemetery

Borough resident Alice Sarapa was determined to tend to the 1800’s cemetery located down the road from her home. Captain John Minor, a Revolutionary War Veteran, donated the property for the cemetery which became known as The Minor Family Cemetery. Through the years, the cemetery was forgotten about and neglected of maintenance and upkeep of any kind. Headstones were broken, illegible, and some even missing; making it difficult to identify who was buried in the cemetery or where their final resting place may have been.

Being persistent and determined, Alice began extensive research with the assistance of her cousins. Through her relentless research, Alice was eventually able to identify 26 burials and four of those were Revolutionary War Veterans. One of the Veterans was a guide for George Washington during the French and Indian War and the Revolution.

With this information came a goal to clean up the cemetery and place a plaque in honor of those known to be buried in the cemetery; which Alice achieved. The names are listed below.

Morgan Blacksher
Unknown Blacksher
Edward Clevenger, Sr.
Mary Cline Clevenger
Peter Engel, Revolution Veteran Rachel Farmer
Zachariah Gapen, Revolution Veteran Elizabeth South Garrison Rachel Kramer
Frances Ellen Phillips Minor Hannah Anna Minor
Harriet Minor
Captain John Minor, Revolution Veteran
Mariah Minor
Noah Minor
Ortho W. Minor
Otho Minor
Pleasant Minor
Rebecca Minor
Sally S. South Minor Stephen Minor
William Minor
Henry Oglesby
James Vance, Revolution Veteran Ephraim Williams Michael Wisman

Thanks to Alice, we have knowledge of those buried in the cemetery. Not only was a plaque placed at the entrance, but a reflection bench is on site and flower urns are present for those that would like to place flowers at the cemetery. Greensboro Borough is grateful that Alice took on this project and breathed new life into one of our many historic treasures.

Alice would like to thank those that assisted in making this project a reality:

Nathanael Greene Community Development Corporation
Greensboro VFW #6303
Jerry Dorsey
Rep. Pam Snyder
Community Bank.
Todd Perry
Curt & Lisa Rumble-Miller